Scylla Java Driver

Scylla Java Driver is forked from DataStax Java Driver with enhanced capabilities, taking advantage of Scylla’s unique architecture.

The Scylla Java driver is shard aware and contains extensions for a tokenAwareHostPolicy supported by Scylla 2.3 and onwards. Using this policy, the driver can select a connection to a particular shard based on the shard’s token. As a result, latency is significantly reduced because there is no need to pass data between the shards.

Use the Scylla Java driver for better compatibility and support for Scylla with Java-based applications.

The driver architecture is based on layers. At the bottom lies the driver core. This core handles everything related to the connections to a Scylla cluster (for example, connection pool, discovering new nodes, etc.) and exposes a simple, relatively low-level API on top of which higher-level layers can be built.

The Scylla Java Driver is a drop-in replacement for DataStax Java Driver. As such, no code changes are needed to use this driver.

More information

  • Scylla Java Driver project page on GitHub - contains the source code as well as a readme and documentation files.

  • Scylla University: Coding with Java - a three-part course with in-depth examples from executing a few basic CQL statements with a Scylla cluster using the Java driver, to the different data types that you can use in your database tables and how to store these binary files in Scylla with a simple Java application.