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Upgrade Scylla AMI

This document describes the steps that needs to be done before upgrade Scylla AMI.

  1. Check Scylla version using `scylla --version` command.

For example:

scylla --version

  1. If version you are upgrading from is lower than Scylla Open Source 4.0, then please please remove scylla-ami package first (it might even trigger a dependency problem).

sudo yum remove scylla-ami
sudo yum upgrade scylla

This package was replaced by scylla-machine-image from Scylla Open Source 4.0, you can install this package to still have the notion of AMI image after upgrade.

sudo yum install scylla-machine-image
  1. Scylla AMI is CentOS base. Follow the relevant CentOS upgrade procedure.