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Large Partitions Hunting

This document describes how to catch large partitions.

What Should Make You Want To Start Looking For A Large Partition?

Any of the following:

  • Latencies on a single shard become very long (look at the “Scylla Overview Metrics” Scylla Monitoring dashboard)

  • Oversized allocation warning messages in the log:

    seastar_memory - oversized allocation: 2842624 bytes, please report
  • A warning of “too many rows” is issued when writing to a table (usually happens during a compaction):

    Nov 26 07:36:29 hostname scylla[24314]:  [shard 9] large_partition - Writing a partition with too many rows [Some_KS/Some_table:PK_VAL1] (211663 rows)
    Nov 26 08:36:19 hostname scylla[24314]:  [shard 34] large_partition - Writing a partition with too many rows [Some_KS/Some_table:PK_VAL2] (171994 rows)

    In this case, refer to Troubleshooting Large Partition Tables for more information.

What To Do When You Suspect You May Have A Large Partition?

For each table you suspect run:

nodetool flush <keyspace name> <table name>
nodetool cfstats <keyspace name>.<table name> | grep "Compacted partition maximum bytes"

For example:

nodetool cfstats demodb.tmcr | grep "Compacted partition maximum bytes"

                Compacted partition maximum bytes: 1188716932

Using system tables to detect large partitions, rows, or cells

Starting from scylla 2.3, large partitions are listed in the system.large_partitions table. See Scylla Large Partitions Table for more information.

Starting from scylla 3.1, large rows and large cells are listed similarly in the system.large_rows and system.large_cells tables, respectively. See Scylla Large Rows and Cells Tables for more information.

When Compaction Creates an Error

When compaction or writing to a table results in a “Writing a partition with too many rows” warning:

This warning indicates that there is a huge multi-row partition (based on the number of rows) and it is orthogonal to the size-based warnings. The warning is controlled by compaction_rows_count_warning_threshold, which is set in the scylla.yaml. See Troubleshooting Large Partition Tables for more information.