Scylla Cloud Values

Deploying a Scylla Enterprise database as a Scylla Cloud, service gives you the following benefits:

  • Production, ready-to-go ScyllaDB Enterprise cluster in 3 clicks.
  • Fully maintained clusters allow you to focus on your business and applications
  • High availability and highly optimized clusters.
  • Scale: Scylla Cloud scales both up and out, enabling you to optimize your cluster configuration to meet specific requirements for both performance and cost.
  • Rolling upgrades to the latest Scylla Enterprise version, with no down-time.
  • High security and ongoing security updates. By using Scylla Cloud customers can better protect their data and comply with their security certification.
  • Optimal ScyllaDB deployment: Installation and configuration of both the Scylla cluster and the OS level according to ScyllaDB’s best practices and knowledge base.
  • 24*7 proactive monitoring including automatic alerts
  • 24*7 support (read more in Support, Alerts and SLA Commitments ).
  • Workloads and Cluster Utilization monitoring dashboards
  • The ability to extract cluster utilization metrics to external centralized third party monitor tool
  • Run Scylla Cloud fully managed service on your own AWS account, paying AWS cost directly to AWS.