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Payment options

Scylla Cloud, as a cloud service, allows you to either pay on demand or with an annual one year subscription. The default payment option is to pay by the hour, on demand, based on the cluster size and deployment location.

Price calculation

  • Scylla Cloud license per instance

  • Extract metrics (optional)

  • Back to back cloud cost, for example for AWS:

    • Type of nodes

    • Number of nodes

    • The region in which the cluster was deployed in

    • Number Data Centers (DC)

    • Backups on S3

    • Data transfer to/from the cluster

    • Data transfer between Availability zones in side the cluster

Note: If you choose to deploy Scylla Cloud services within your own AWS account, you will pay AWS costs directly to AWS and the Scylla Cloud services directly to Scylla.

You can decrease your costs by purchasing an annual subscription (vs on-demand). To purchase an annual subscription contact

To learn more about Scylla Cloud pricing, see