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Rolling Restart Procedure

This is a general procedure that describes how to perform a rolling restart. You can use this procedure where a restart of each node is required (changing the scylla.yaml file, for example).


Perform this procedure on one node at the time. Move to the next node only after validating the current node is up and running.


  1. Run nodetool drain command (Scylla stops listening to its connections from the client and other nodes).

  2. Stop the Scylla node.

sudo systemctl stop scylla-server
  1. Update the relevant configuration file, for example, scylla.yaml the file can be found under /etc/scylla/.

  2. Start the Scylla node.

sudo systemctl start scylla-server
  1. Verify the node is up and has returned to the Scylla cluster using nodetool status.

  2. Repeat this procedure for all the relevant nodes in the cluster.