How to Change Compaction Strategy

This procedure describes how to change compaction strategy. A reason to change the compaction strategy can be performance tradeoffs (disk space usage, read and write amplification). Change the compaction strategy means that the SSTables will be recompacted until the new compaction strategy is satisfied. Changing the compaction strategy doesn’t require a node restart.


  1. Verify what is the current compaction strategy.
DESCRIBE TABLE nba.team_roster;
DESCRIBE TABLE nba.team_roster ;

CREATE TABLE nba.team_roster (
    player_name text PRIMARY KEY,
    player_jersy_number int,
    player_position text,
    team text
) AND compaction = {'class': 'SizeTieredCompactionStrategy'};
  1. Change the compactionstrategy to the new one.
ALTER TABLE nba.team_roster WITH compaction = {'class' :  'LeveledCompactionStrategy'}