Replacing a dead seed node

In Scylla it is not possible to bootstrap a seed node. The following steps describe how to replace a dead seed node


Verify that the node is a seed node. Use the command below. cat /etc/scylla/scylla.yaml | grep seeds: If the dead node’s IP is in the seeds list it needa to be replaced.


  • Perform steps 1-3 for all the nodes in the cluster:
  1. Promote an existing node from the cluster to be a seed node by adding the node IP to the seed list in the scylla.yaml file. It can be found under /etc/scylla/
  2. Remove the dead node IP from the seeds providers list
  3. Restart the node in the cluster using

CentOS, RHEL or Ubuntu 16.04

sudo systemctl restart scylla-server

Ubuntu 14.04 or Debian

sudo service scylla-server restart

Docker (without restarting some-scylla container)

docker exec -it some-scylla supervisorctl restart scylla

It is recommended to have more than one seed node in your cluster (it’s not allowed to define all the node in the cluster as seed node).