What to do if a Node Starts Automatically

If, for any reason, the Scylla service started before you had a chance to update the configuration file, some of the system tables may already reflect an incorrect status, and unfortunately, a simple restart will not fix the issue. In this case, the safest way is to stop the service, clean all of the data, and start the service again.


  1. Stop the Scylla service.

    sudo systemctl stop scylla-server
    sudo service scylla-server stop
    docker exec -it some-scylla supervisorctl stop scylla

    (without stopping some-scylla container)

  2. Delete the Data and Commitlog folders.

    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/scylla/data
    sudo find /var/lib/scylla/commitlog -type f -delete
    sudo find /var/lib/scylla/hints -type f -delete
    sudo find /var/lib/scylla/view_hints -type f -delete
  3. Start the Scylla service.

    sudo systemctl start scylla-server
    sudo service scylla-server start
    docker exec -it some-scylla supervisorctl start scylla

    (with some-scylla container already running)

  4. Run ‘nodetool status’ to verify all nodes are up and joined.

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