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Nodetool refresh

refresh - Load newly placed SSTables to the system without a restart.

Add the files to the upload directory, by default it is located under /var/lib/scylla/data/keyspace_name/table_name-UUID/upload

Materialized Views (MV) and Secondary Indexes (SI) of the upload table, if exist, are automatically updated. Uploading MV or SI SSTables is not required and will fail.


Scylla node will ignore the partitions in the sstables which are not assigned to this node. For example, if sstable are copied from a different node.

Execute the nodetool refresh command

nodetool refresh <my_keyspace> <my_table>

For example:


nodetool refresh nba player_stats

Load and Stream

New in version 4.6.

nodetool refresh <my_keyspace> <my_table> [--load-and-stream | -las]

The Load and Stream feature extends nodetool refresh. The new -las option loads arbitrary sstables that do not belong to a node into the cluster. It loads the sstables from the disk and calculates the data’s owning nodes, and streams automatically. For example, say the old cluster has 6 nodes and the new cluster has 3 nodes. We can copy the sstables from the old cluster to any of the new nodes and trigger the load and stream process.

Load and Stream make restores and migrations much easier:

  • You can place sstable from every node to every node

  • No need to run nodetool cleanup to remove unused data

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