Nodetool compactionhistory

compactionhistory - Provides the history of compaction operations.

For example:

nodetool compactionhistory

Example output:

id                                     keyspace_name      columnfamily_name            compacted_at             bytes_in       bytes_out      rows_merged
17536e70-5358-11e6-9d5f-000000000000   keyspace1          standard1                    1469554849495             413966109      211273222
4e164760-5354-11e6-9d5f-000000000000   system             local                        1469553223382             12804          12639
17abc7a0-5358-11e6-9710-000000000001   keyspace1          standard1                    1469554850073             413967233      210742975
18537950-5358-11e6-be35-000000000002   keyspace1          standard1                    1469554851173             413973134      210595169
19452c50-5358-11e6-8491-000000000003   keyspace1          standard1                    1469554852756             413966390      210388634


Parameter Description
id id of the compaction
keyspace_name keyspace name that the compaction performed on
columnfamily_name columnfamily name that the compaction performed on
compacted_at timestamp when the compaction starts
bytes_in SSTable size before the compaction
bytes_out SSTable size after the compaction

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