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Scylla Manager Installation


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System requirements

Scylla Manager Server has modest systems requirements. While a minimal server can run on a system with 2 cores and 1GB RAM, the following configuration is recommended:

  • CPU - 2vCPUs

  • Memory - 8GB+ DRAM


If you are running Scylla Monitoring Stack on the same server as Scylla Manager, your system should also meet the minimal Monitoring requirements.

Installation workflow

  1. Install Scylla Manager

  2. Run the scyllamgr_setup script

  3. Enable Bash Script Completion

  4. Start Scylla Manager Service and verify Scylla Manager is Running and that sctool is running

Install Scylla Manager

Choose one of the following installation methods:

Scylla Manager for Scylla Enterprise

  1. Download and install Scylla Manager from the Enterprise Download page.

  2. Follow the entire installation procedure.

  3. Continue with Run the scyllamgr_setup script.

Scylla Manager for Scylla Open Source

  1. On the same node as you are installing Scylla Manager, download and install Scylla as a local database from the Scylla Open Source Download page. There is no need to run the Scylla setup as it is taken care of by the scyllamgr_setup script.

  2. Download and Install Scylla Manager from the Scylla Manager Open Source Download page.

  3. Follow the entire installation procedure.

  4. Continue with Run the scyllamgr_setup script.

Run the scyllamgr_setup script

The Scylla Manager setup script automates the configuration of Scylla Manager by asking you some simple questions. It can be run in non-interactive mode if you’d like to script it.

There are three decisions you need to make:

  • Do you want to enable the service to start automatically? If not, you will have to start the service manually each time you want to use it.

  • Do you want to set up and enable a local Scylla backend? If not, you will need to set up a remote DB

  • Do you want Scylla Manager to check periodically if updates are available? If not, you will need to check yourself.

scyllamgr_setup -h
Usage: scyllamgr_setup [-y][--no-scylla-setup][--no-enable-service][--no-check-for-updates]

  -y, --assume-yes          assume that the answer to any question which would be asked is yes
  --no-scylla-setup         skip setting up and enabling local Scylla instance as a storage backend for Scylla Manager
  --no-enable-service       skip enabling service
  --no-check-for-updates    skip enabling periodic check for updates
  -h, --help                print this help

Interactive mode is enabled when no flags are provided.


  1. Run the scyllamgr_setup script to configure the service. You can run the script in interactive mode (no flags) or automate your decision making by using flags.

Enable bash script completion

Enable bash completion for sctool: the Scylla Manager CLI. Alternatively, you can just open a new terminal.

source /etc/bash_completion.d/sctool.bash

Start Scylla Manager service

Scylla Manager integrates with systemd and can be started and stopped using systemctl command.


  1. Start the Scylla Manager server service.

    sudo systemctl start scylla-manager.service
  2. Verify the Scylla Manager server service is running.

    sudo systemctl status scylla-manager.service
    ● scylla-manager.service - Scylla Manager Server
       Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/scylla-manager.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)
       Active: active (running) since Wed 2019-10-30 11:00:01 UTC; 20s ago
     Main PID: 5805 (scylla-manager)
       CGroup: /system.slice/scylla-manager.service
               └─5805 /usr/bin/scylla-manager
    Hint: Some lines were ellipsized, use -l to show in full.
  3. Confirm sctool is running by displaying the sctool version.

    sctool version
    Client version: 2.1-0.20200401.ce91f2ad
    Server version: 2.1-0.20200401.ce91f2ad


The first time you run this command, Scylla Manager may take a few seconds to start because it must create the database schema.

Install Scylla Manager Agent

Continue with Setup Scylla Manager Agent