Scylla Manager with a remote datastore

New in version 1.1: Scylla Manager

When you install Scylla Manager, it typically installs a local instance of Scylla to use as its backend data server. You are not required to use the local instance and can install Scylla Manager’s backend server on a remote server or on a third-party database.


  • Scylla Cluster to be used as Scylla Manager persistent backend

  • scylla-manager installed

Install Scylla Manager with a remote datastore


  1. Using an editor open the Scylla Manager configuration file /etc/scylla-manager/scylla-manager.yaml . Edit the database.hosts parameter. Change the IP address to the IP address for the remote datastore.

    Optionally, edit the database.user and database.password parameters to change the database credentials. By default, there is no username or password.

# Scylla Manager database, used to store management data.

# Database credentials
# user: scylla-manager

user: scylla-manager
  1. The default replication factor is set to 1. If you want to use a simple replication strategy (SimpleStrategy), adjust the replication factor. Refer to Scylla Architecture - Fault Tolerance for more information.

# replication_factor: 1

replication_factor: 3
  1. When Scylla Manager starts, it checks for a keyspace to write its data to. The keyspace can be named with any name you choose.

# keyspace: scylla_manager

keyspace: my_keyspace
  1. Continue with the Scylla Manager Setup.