Cluster Management

New in version 1.1: Scylla Manager

A managed cluster is a cluster that is under management by Scylla Manager.

Scylla Manager is a centralized cluster administration and recurrent tasks automation tool that includes automation of repairs. Using sctool, you will be able to add and remove clusters from Scylla Manager.

Add a new managed cluster

Using sctool you add the specified cluster(s) to the manager. Once a Scylla cluster is added, a Repair unit is automatically created for every keyspace within the cluster, including system keyspaces. In addition, a weekly repair task is added.

You can add multiple clusters to Scylla Manager, but each one needs to be added separately.


  1. From the Scylla Manager Server, run:

sctool cluster add --hosts <hostList> --shard-count <int> [--name <alias>] [flags]

For parameter definitions refer to cluster add parameters.

Once added, the command returns a repair unit/cluster ID. This ID can be retrieved using cluster list.

Add a new cluster example

In this example, a 16 shard cluster named scylla-1 containing 2 nodes ( and is created. Once added, the command replies with 30a538a0-9bdb-4276-a69d-60e19197fd93, the repair unit (cluster ID) ID.

sctool cluster add --hosts=, --name scylla-1 --shard-count=16


Delete a managed cluster

This action does not decommission the cluster, which will continue to serve requests, rather it removes it from the scope of Scylla Manager.

  1. From the Scylla Manager Server, run:

sctool cluster delete --cluster <clusterName|ID> [flags]

For parameter definitions refer to cluster delete parameters.

Delete a cluster example

In this example, you will delete the cluster you created in Add a new managed cluster, using the alias name scylla-1. The same procedure could have been done using the UUID 30a538a0-9bdb-4276-a69d-60e19197fd93.

sctool cluster delete -c scylla-1