Scylla Drivers Matrix

Scylla version 2.0 or higher

Scylla supports the CQL binary protocol version 3 so every Cassandra/CQL driver that implements it should work with Scylla. It is recommended to use the Scylla drivers wherever possible. Also check out the Using Scylla Drivers course on Scylla University.

Driver Version
Scylla Java Driver 3.0+
Scylla Go Driver 1.0+
Scylla Go Driver extension 1.0+
DataStax Java Driver 3.0+
DataStax Python Driver 3.5+
DataStax C# Driver 3.0+
DataStax Ruby Driver 3.0+
DataStax Node.js Driver 3.0+
DataStax C++ Driver 2.3+
DataStax PHP Driver 1.2+
Rust 1.x+