Getting Started

Getting Started - Contains information on installing, configuring, and basic operations with Scylla

Scylla for Administrators

Scylla for Administrators - a contains information for Scylla Manger, troubleshooting information, benchmarking, and references for DB administration and security

Scylla for Developers

Scylla for Developers - a contains information for integrating your application with Scylla, learning Scylla, CQL, and Scylla Drivers

Scylla Architecture

Scylla Architecture - contains explanations of Scylla’s architecture, data model, compaction strategies and more


Troubleshooting - contains tips for troubleshooting and reporting issues to Scylla.

Scylla Knowledge Base

The Scylla knowledge base is a rapidly growing repository of info on NoSQL internals, development details, and thoughts on big-picture IT planning.

  • Hardware selection: Choose cost-effective servers, physical or virtual.
  • Data modeling: Design the right data model for your application.
  • System administration: Get details on every level from network interfaces to NTP.
Scylla FAQ

Scylla FAQ - You’ve got questions? We have answers! Find the most frequently asked questions and answers here.

Scylla Glossary

Scylla Glossary - Definitions for Scylla Terminology.

Scylla Cloud

New for Enterprise customers is the ability to run ScyllaDB as a service in the cloud. Scylla Cloud provisions you the machines you need when you need them. To sign up, click here.