Administration Guide

The Scylla administration guide is a reference to setup and operations tasks, including migration, configuration, and management.

Reference Documentation

Scylla TLS/SSL guide: Configuring Scylla (versions 1.1 and above) for encrypted node-to-node and client-to-node connections.

Scylla Procedures: - Procedures for performing different actions with Scylla.

System Configuration Guide: Scylla is a high-performance program and benefits greatly from configuration in the underlying OS platform. This guide is a reference that covers the settings applied by the system configuration tools and scripts bundled with Scylla.

Apache Cassandra compatibility: Scylla is compatible with Apache Cassandra, version 2.1.8, and can be used with current Cassandra drivers. See this reference document for details.

Scylla Knowledge Base

The Scylla knowledge base is a rapidly growing repository of info on NoSQL internals, development details, and thoughts on big-picture IT planning.

  • Hardware selection: Choose cost-effective servers, physical or virtual.
  • Data modeling: Design the right data model for your application.
  • System administration: Get details on every level from network interfaces to NTP.

Scylla knowledge base