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Knowledge Base

Planning and Setup
  • Scylla Seed Nodes - Introduction on the purpose and role of Seed Nodes in Scylla as well as configuration tips.

  • Compaction - To free up disk space and speed up reads, Scylla must do compaction operations.

  • DPDK mode - Learn to select and configure networking for DPDK mode

  • POSIX networking for Scylla - Scylla’s POSIX mode works on all physical and virtual network devices and is useful for development work.

  • System Limits - outlines the system limits which should be set or removed

  • Run Scylla as a custom user:group - Configure the Scylla and supporting services to run as a custom user:group.

Scylla under the hood
Configuring and Integrating Scylla
Analyzing Scylla